Why we should practice good habits?

buenos hábitos, good habits

This is a question that everyone asks themselves every day. But why do we have to practice good habits? And how can practicing good habits help us in many different areas, not just health? Let’s find out! 

First of all, let’s define what are “good habits.” There are good habits that everyone should practice like being patient, eating healthy (balanced diet), and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. There are also habits that can help improve different aspects of our lives.

Here are five reasons why you should establish good habits in your life:

1. Improve your mental well-being (Mental health is important too)

To keep your mind sharp, it is very important to perform some sort of mental exercise every day. You can write, draw or have a journal. Playing games can also help you improve your memory and attention span. Taking care of mental health is very important.

2. Makes you look good

When you feel good, you look good. Having a routine or just good habits help you organize your days and not forget to take care of yourself. Incorporate small things like washing your face before going to sleep, or going to bed early are just improvements that you will notice to look and feel good.

3. Helps you live longer

Practicing good habits can help you live longer by helping your body and mind stay healthy. Eating healthy, exercising often, breathe exercises, all this can help. To improve health is to have a happy life and to live longer. This is, of course, the best reason!

4. Improves your social life

After graduating social life change a little. You don’t see your friends every day and you lose connections. Having good habits also includes reaching out to friends, saying yes to social activities, and looking for things in common with others.

5. Strengthens your body

 Research done on karate athletes found that starting an exercise plan in one’s 50s dramatically increases life expectancy. So exercising isn’t just about being strong – it’s about being alive!

These are just some of the reasons why it is important to have good habits. So, what are you waiting for? Remember that these 5 points are only guidelines. 

Here is a list of things you can do differently and make good habits out of them. Practice this every day or every other day to create consitent habits. Remember that you need to create these routines with time, at least 21 ways of practicing this to make it a good habit. Step by step you can start implementing this in your life to make it easier, not all of them at once because can be counterproductive. 

Good habits to practice: 

  • Listen to people when they talk 
  • Have a positive mind 
  • Remember people’s names and birthdays 
  • Follow up with friends 
  • Choose activities good for you 
  • Take your time for each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
  • Spend time in nature 
  • Have goals 
  • Do something nice for someone 
  • Detox often 
  • Express gratitude 
  • Spend time with your pet
  • Read a nice book
  • Take vitamins to enrich your body
  • Disconnect from technology
  • Make your bed in the morning 

We all have different preferences so try out new habits and see if they work for you! And most importantly… Don’t forget to have fun!