What is the best wine for brunch

mejor vino para brunch

Finding the best wine to go with a nice brunch is easier than you think. As always, we love and take care of every detail of the brunch. From the menu to the table decoration including the etiquette. For example, we know that cocktails and wine are important. In the menu we usually find salty and sweet dishes that we want to complement well. In the same way, we will find ingredients and complements that will highlight flavours, textures and that appeal to the food. Finding the balance of these flavours is a matter of challenging the same ingredients so that the harmony that we seek exists between them.

In this post we are going to see which wine suits your favorite brunch menu best.

Best wine for my brunch menu

Sweet plates

Within the category of sweet dishes we can include pancakes, waffles, cakes, and desserts. For these type of dishes, a sweet wine is recommended. Either the same level of sweetness or a little more. That means that wines like prosecco, muscat or even a lambrusco combine well with this dishes. According to experts, the sweeter the wine, the lower the degree of alcohol after fermentation. This makes the sweet flavours go very well with each other so you can enjoy brunch time.

Dishes with vegetables

Vegetables are a good option in brunch dishes. Dishes such as frittata, quiche or Mediterranean eggs are the perfect example. To accompany these dishes, the perfect combination is a French grenache, rosé or pinot gris type wine. These wines carry hints of fruit and aromas that mix well in your mouth. Something not too strong will be a perfect combination.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon dishes stand out on the brunch menu. Either a bagel with salmon and cream cheese or some poached eggs accompanied by salmon. It is always going to be delicious and fresh option. The best accompaniments are sauvignon blanc, prosecco or pinot gris. Its acidic notes and herbal aromas give it the perfect touch.

Red meat

Red meats are allies of the brunch menu. For example, ham or bacon go very well accompanied by poached or scrambled eggs. For these types of dishes, the best wines are cabernet sauvignon, bourgueil, prosecco, pinot noir, or even a tempranillo. Its medium texture of herbs and aromas with a little hint of vegetable make the correct balance between the wine and the food.

Combination of salty and sweet

Among the brunch menu there is always the possibility of having dishes that are savory . These are dishes like the famous waffles and chicken. A delicious combination of fried chicken with waffles and a little honey on top. These type of combinations are ideal because they make a delicious balance. The best combination of these dishes are drinks like champagne or cava. It’s refreshing bubbles give a pleasant sensation to the palate. A versatile and perfect combination for brunch time.

These are just a few of the many combinations of best wine for your favorite brunch dishes. If you are not very clear on the subject of wines, you can always ask an expert which wine suits your menu choice best.