How to become a foodie


You can become a foodie even if you don’t have the biggest budget. Always on social media, we see amazing photos of delicious plates and wonderful restaurant settings. But, being a foodie is also being a food lover. It is fun to experience new dishes and flavors. Just through research and some tips, you too can become a foodie too. Remember to have a good relationship with food, and to enjoy every bite. 

Having a passion for food is just a way to express admiration for cultural traditions and the explosion of flavors. A foodie is someone who explores different experiences to find joy in taste. In this post, I want to share some tips on how to become a foodie, and of course, you can add your own tips as well. 

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Here are some simple steps on how to become a foodie!

1. First find the best restaurants! Go to Yelp, Urbanspoon, or trip advisor to find out what restaurants are in your area that have good ratings. Check for daily promos and discount coupons. 

2. Then choose four or five and go to these restaurants. Try new foods that you never would have tried before or even heard of. If you don’t feel like trying something new, stick to the classics. They never disappoint. 

3. Take pictures of the food, and post them on your blog and on social media accounts. They don’t need to be perfect, just take some shots, fix them with a filter, share them, and use some foodie words.

4. Get your family and friends involved by talking about the new foods you are trying out or getting them to take pictures of your food for you. Their support is important too. 

5. Keep trying things until you find what YOU like! But don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t taste good, it’s part of the learning process. There are different kinds of foodies: veggies, fast food, international, traditional. 

6. Continue talking about food to your friends, posting pictures on social media, and blogging about it until you find yourself becoming a foodie!

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These are just some tips to follow to become a foodie. Remember it is about having fun, spend a good time and get to know the cultural gastronomy of your city. Share your food experience with your community. Check out other cities’ foodies and see what new restaurants you can find. 

Happy eating and go be a foodie!