Let’s start with the fruits

We are going to see a great variety of foods, but let’s start with the fruits. In addition to being super healthy, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and potassium. They are essential for brunch. It is a staple for our nutrition.

With fruits we can make a great variety of recipes and gastronomic delicacies: smoothies, compotes, juices, cakes, salads. The truth is that there is something for everyone.

With the ease of trade between countries it is possible to find fruits from everywhere. They are usually from tropical countries, where there are no seasons and can be produced all year round. Fruits can be consumed whole, in shakes, juices and much more. Its diversity allows you to prepare many recipes.

The best time to consume a fruit is when it reaches its ideal point of maturity. There are fruits like bananas and pears that have a faster ripening process.

When buying these fruits, you can buy them at different stages of maturation, so you will have fruits to consume on the same day and the following days.

Let's start with the fruits

When choosing

  • Check that the fruits have not received bumps or have a dubious appearance. One fruit can harm others.
  • The aroma of the fruit has to be pleasant, otherwise it is more than ripe. What is mature enough to be consumable as it is or to make a recipe.
  • Check the firmness of the fruit, it usually gives us a clue as to the state of the fruit.

My recommendations:

  • Buy fruits from local stores or markets. You will not only be buying quality products, but you will also be supporting your community.
  • Always choose seasonal products. In general, they will be cheaper, fresher and of better quality. You do not need, do not buy frozen products. When the fruit freezes, it loses important nutrients and the taste changes.
  • It is better to go through the store often. Do not buy a lot of fruit, as these can be damaged quickly. We do not want to end up throwing them away.
  • If there is already trust with the person who sells the fruit, it is good to ask about the state of the fruit and the processes of handling them.
  • Always have some fruit. It can get you out of a hurry and be a perfect complement.
  • If you buy fruits that are ripening, leave them at room temperature and with natural light. This way they will be able to fulfill their maturation process. 

The fruits are all different

Let's start with the fruits


Lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit, grapefruit just to mention a few. When choosing them, keep in mind the weight of these. If you want them to be juicier, it will weigh more. Check the skin and if the skin is rough, it will indicate that the fruit is dry. If on the contrary it is smooth and fine, it will be ideal to extract the juice.


There are many kinds, sizes, colors and shapes. Usually greens are collected. The ripening process continues until it reaches a yellow volume with brown spots. They are the fruits that are best available throughout the year.

Apples and pears

Like bananas, they are collected when they are unripe. The process continues after being detached from the tree.


It should look good and the leaves of the crown have to be green. If you gently pull one of the leaves and it comes out easily, it means that it is ready to be consumed.


These fruits should be picked ripe, as it is very difficult for them to continue ripening. When choosing them, see that the skin is in good condition and firmly.


This is a seasonal product. Check that they look good and smell good. That present a uniform and bright color. Consume them fast, since they mature very fast.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.
Mother Teresa

Fruits are important for a balanced diet. Include fruits in your daily diet and of course in your brunch.