5 steps to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

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To accomplish your New Year´s resolutions, you need a little more than willpower and discipline. This year that ends leaves us not only a year but also opens the doors to the 20s. We have learned to digitize ourselves and we are increasingly open ourselves to technology.

At the beginning of each year, we are always willing to change, be better people, take better care of ourselves, eat better, etc. We do not really want these changes to remain only in promises that in two months we do not even remember. That’s why in this post I want to share with you 5 steps to fulfill your new year’s resolutions.

Steps to stick to your New Year´s resolutions:

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1. Be specific:

When you have a purpose in mind, you must be very specific. For example, save for a trip or lose weight to look great in summer. So you can focus better on the goal without distractions. Being more specific you can be more motivated and so it will be easier to meet this goal.

2. One thing at a time:

I know you want to change everything in one day, but it is important to recognize that it is not possible, you are not Superman and you cannot do everything at once.

3. You can divide a large goal into several small goals:

If for example, you want to save to go on vacation to New York (the big goal) you can make a budget and every month save x amount of money (small goal) until you reach your trip to New York.

4. Understand why you want this change:

You don’t want to change just to change. If you see that you need a change, you may see something that is not working well in your life. For example, one of the most popular promises is to eat better. But in reality, you do it because you want better health, or by feeling better, or just by following a trend.

5. Prepare a good reward:

Just as you strive to accomplish some goal, you are filled with willpower and motivation. But this does not have to be so strict or be so hard on yourself. You can put some fun too. If you give yourself a reward in the middle of the goal you will be more motivated and you will feel proud every time.

Extra tip:

Write your goals on paper and put it in a visible place. Every time you read them you will remember what you are doing. You can take stock every 3 or six months to see how New Year’s resolutions are going.

I hope these steps help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. You will see that this is not easy. You will see that little by little you will achieve your resolutions and goals.