10 Things to do when staying in

In this post, I want to share 10 things you can do when staying at home. It is important that when you are at home for a few days you do not go crazy or get bored. A good attitude and doing different things change the spirits and help pass time faster. 

The following is my list of things you can do when you stay home:



Netflix is what many of us do when we have to stay home. Watch your favorite series or repeat one that you love. Find movies that have been recommended or a documentary that interests you.

Clean and organize our closet Konmarie style


It never hurts to organize and clean your house. You can organize by areas of your house. If you decide to start with the closet my recommendation is to use the KonMarie method. Also, it helps that spring is coming and you must put the winter clothes away for next year.

Read the books that haven’t been finished

books and cat

Always there are a couple of books that you did not finish due to time, or to start another one that motivated you more at the moment or that you never even started yet. This is a good time to pick up the unfinished books.

Try new recipes

new recipe

Once we saw a delicious recipe that we vow to make it one day, well this is the right time for this.


social media

It is a good time to organize your Pinterest boards, make new pins and get ahead of trends. This helps to forget reality and travel a bit between seas of images, ideas, and projects. Maybe find your next DIY project or find new decoration for the living room.

Find a hobby

find a hobby

As it is mentioned in a previous post, finding a hobby helps you work and educate the mind. Finding new skills is satisfying and you feel like investing time in something you really like.

Answer messages you have left for later

messages on computer

Emails, WhatsApp and all kinds of communication. Doing digital cleaning helps you get organized and can clear your mind. Also catching up with old friends or friends who have moved away can help your mind think about other things.

Take an online course

online courses

Nowadays, you can do an online course of practically everything you want. From cooking to marketing, or even yoga and french. Google offers an infinite number of options for you to update your knowledge. Other online course platforms are Udemy, Domestika, and even YouTube.

Exercise at home

exercise at home

You can create an exercise routine that you can do at home without needing all the equipment of a gym. A 20-minute routine to work the muscles and occupy the mind. Youtube has a great selection of videos that can help you with this.

Make a spa at home

spa at home

For a long time, you have wanted to use that relaxing mask that you have stored for a special relaxing day or to do a hair treatment you wanted to try for hydration. This is the time to dedicate some space for yourself and to love yourself. Manicure, pedicure, meditation are some of the many things that you can include in a home spa. It is important that you keep loving yourself even while staying at home.

Some extras so you don’t stay home bored:

  • Take a virtual tour of a museum:

    There are many museums worldwide that offer virtual tours of their exhibits and facilities. You can visit virtual museums like Lourve, Museo del Prado or Picasso museum and thus plan your next vacation and see it personally.
  • Update your social networks:

    It is important to have your social networks updated, for example, LinkedIn. Have an updated photo, courses you have taken, awards you have recently won, etc. This is the time to make your social media pretty to stand out.
  • Have an interesting conversation:

    In this digital age, the world is very concerned about phones, about the news, about what is coming next, but not aware of the present. For your mental health, it is important to have deep conversations with your families, your partners, your housemates and ever yourself. 

Let’s take advantage of these moments to enjoy and be original with things you can do when you stay at home. This is just a list of things I suggest, but you can be as original as you want. The important thing is that you have a distracted mind and do positive things for your good.