7 tips for a cozy home that fills you with happiness

A cozy home that fills you with happiness can be the key to finding the perfect balance in your life. Some details here and there will make you love your place every day more. Everything is possible if you live in a studio by yourself or in a house to share with more people. The most important thing is that you always feel comfortable, inspired, creative, and very positive. So, in this post, I want to share with you some tips on how to make your home more cozy and welcoming. 

7 tips for a cozy home: 

Keep it always clean
Your home must always be clean. It is a way of showing self-love and respect. It is yours and you always deserve the best. If you are not a fan of cleanliness, mark in your calendar a day in the week and an hour to accomplish this. You decide if it is once a week, or twice as you consider. Simple actions can make a difference, such as washing dishes after each meal, and you can enjoy yourself while staying at home

Colors and more colors
Well in my case, I am a lover of places full of colors. Find what is your ideal color palette and try to play with this range of colors. You can have different color palettes for different seasons of the year. These touches of color will make your days brighter and can even help with your mood. 

color palette

Identify your spaces
Your spaces are significant. If it is the kitchen, the living room, or your room where you spend more time, it is important that you feel good there. Once you have identified the space you can personalize it with the things that you like the most or how you feel identified.

cozy spaces at home

Light, lots of light
I really like windows because they fill with light and life. Natural light has many benefits on you, among which we can find that it helps to strengthen your immune system, improves your biological clock, optimizes the cognitive function of your brain, improves visual health and even helps the production of serotonin that helps you feel better and be in a good mood. In the case that you do not have the ideal window, you can also get a lamp with a white light that gives the impression of being more “natural”.

natural light window

Details are important
After identifying the spaces, you can complement them with details and accessories. Some photo frames with photos of the people you love, a mug for a delicious tea, a sculpture, some cushions, or a carpet that fills you with happiness are just some of the details that you can add to your spaces.  

small details home decor

Fix the damage
If there is something in the house that does not work well, or that you know needs to be changed, do it or call an expert to help you. Changing a light, fixing a broken table, or painting a wall are simple things but they can make you feel better in your home and make it more welcoming.

fix a broken light

Fill your house with life
Plants are the best allies to give life to your home. Plants can turn a lifeless corner into a joyous space. Choose according to your level of commitment, there are plants that do not require much care such as cactus.

plants at home

These are some things you can do to make your home more welcoming, cozy and full of life. The most important thing is that it is to your liking and that you know what makes you feel happy.


I would like to know what are your tips for a cozy home, comment below.