Tips for good financial health


We already know that it is important to take care of our health. We feed on low processed products and seek to make food as healthy as possible. But taking care of our health is not just eating healthy, we must keep in mind that it is much more than that.

We have to take care not only of our physique but also of our interior and our actions for a better life. In other words, we also have to pay attention to mental, spiritual health and our relationship with our environment. Our relationship with food, with our finances or with our hearts is only part of our well-being.

These are things that we learn over time from what life teaches us and from our own experiences. These are things we almost never talk about when we are growing up. It is such an important issue to address so that the future is positive. It is not too late to learn a little about finance and financial health.

Not having good financial health can bring problems such as depression or anxiety and we do not want to reach these extremes. For this not to happen, it is important that we are alert to the situations we live in and be responsible for the consequences of our actions.

What is financial health?

It is having enough money to cover the necessary expenses and have something more to save.

financial health

How can we have good financial health?

  • First of all, we must have a clear knowledge of our own finances. Know about our expenses and income. This is essential not only for planning our projects, but also to reduce financial stress.
  • Plan our savings with objectives for short and long terms. For example, a vacation, do a home remodel, or for retirement. It is clear that when we have a specific objective it is much easier to fulfill it.
  • The expenses have to be less than income. We can’t spend money we don’t have. Either on credit cards or loans.
  • Pay bills in due time. We do not want extra charges or reconnection payments, better avoid this.
  • Technology also helps us with our financial health. Today all banks have applications that help us keep our accounts clear. They send us immediate notifications to know what we spend and to control our finances step by step.