Words that every foodie should know

This gastronomic fever powered by Instagram has led me to know terms that I never imagined could exist. Thanks to this love for food, I have known several words that I want to share in this post. These words have expanded the modern lexicon when for example, enjoying a visit to a restaurant or trying a new dish.

A foodie has to be updated with gastronomic trends and doing some cool hunting of restaurants, festivals and fashionable places to go to eat or have the best cocktail in the city, and as a result, sharing experiences on social networks.

I want to highlight two things; the first is that many of these words are anglicism and the second is that they are compound or combined words. In order to use a cooler and more foodie gastronomic vocabulary, I will explain a few words and terms below.

Foodie Dictionary:


Harmonize: When accompanying a meal with a proper wine potentiating the flavors.

Bao: Bread of Chinese origin, steamed and sometimes stuffed with vegetables or meats.

Brunch: It is the mixture of breakfast and lunch (breakfast + lunch) is usually a Sunday meal.

Cold-brew: Cold coffee preparation process, where the drink is not heated at any time.

Cronut: A sweet combination of donut and croissant.

Flat White: Another way to say laden coffee with milk.

Kilometer 0 (km 0): Food that travels a few kilometers from its point of production to your plate. Usually seasonal sustainable and local products. Only transport costs are paid.

Food porn: Term and hashtag used by foodies to describe a “sexy” dish visually perfect for a photo or video.

Food truck: It is a walking restaurant that takes its authentic gastronomy to the streets, festivals and most trendy events in the city.

Freakshake: From the United States, a shake with toppings as amazing as a donut, or a red velvet cake.

foodie table

Mocktails: Alcohol-free cocktails.

Naked cake: A cake “naked” without coverage or with very little exposing it’s interior giving it a rustic touch.

Poke Bowl: A dish of Hawaiian origin, consisting of rice, vegetables, some fruits, and raw fish. Usually, its ingredients are grouped and not mixed.

Raw: Food without cooking or with a very low level of the process.

Scone: A bread of Scottish origin, ideal for the accompaniment of breakfast or a snack.

Speakeasy: Clandestine restaurant or bar. Originally from 1920 when the dry law was implemented in the United States.

Sprunch: It is the spa set with brunch. This option is offered in luxury hotels.

Superfood: These are foods such as kale, chia seeds or spirulina that are rich in nutrients and benefits.

Supperclub: Clandestine restaurants where special menus are served.

Valencia: Like Juno, Lo-FI and Clarendon are Instagram filters. If you want to be an expert foodie you must know your tools.

I hope you find this dictionary useful when expressing yourself as a professional modern foodie.