Weekly inspiration – carnival edition

We all had have a great time at the carnivals, lots of parties, costumes, music, etc. But we do not all really know where it comes from. I have researched the subject a bit, because this year I want to enjoy the carnival knowing that it is what we celebrate. 

It has been celebrated for centuries, as shown in history trhough oil paintings from 1600, as is the painting by Johannes Lingelbach- Carnival in Rome. Apparently the origins come from Rome of pagan festivals in honor of the god of wine. Since then these festivals spread throughout Europe and infected the whole world. 

It is usually celebrated from Thursday to Tuesday and combines, as I mentioned, costumes, masks and parties. The celebration has been changing over time, modernizing a little the idea of ​​carnival nevertheless with the same goal of celebrating it big. 

For the Catholic Church it is not a celebration with which they agree, but it is a celebration that begins with Ash Wednesday and begins Lent. 

Top 5 carnivals in the world

  1. Without a doubt, Rio de Janeiro takes away all the carnival prizes. It is the largest carnival in the world, even the Guinness records recognizes it, claiming that this event brings about two million people each carnival day.

 2) In second place we have the Mardi Grass in New Orleans. The streets are dressed in green, yellow and purple welcoming the beautiful handmade carriages, made by their citizens. This celebration has French influence and is accompanied by the popular Mississippi jazz music.

3) The good taste of Venice. For 10 days the Plaza de San Marcos is dressed in carnival, with spectacular costumes and masks protagonists of this important celebration.

4) In Colombia there is The Carnaval of Barranquilla, which since 2003 is considered a World Heritage Site. Start with the battle of the flowers that begins 4 (or more) days of celebration and fun. This carnival brings us funny characters like the Marimonda and Joselito Carnival.

5) And the Germans are not left behind with the Carnival of the Colony. Although it starts on November 11 at 11:11 in the morning, the most important celebrations are from February 8 to 13. Where not only the elegant costumes and elaborate carrosas are the protagonists, but also the sweets and chocolates that are present at the carnival.

My inspiration this week:

· The masks

masks of canival

As I said, the masks are an important symbol in the carnival. Colors, with bright and even with figures of strange characters but always accompanied by cute costumes. There are the full-face masks or the popular masks.

· Music is a must


Always cheerful melodies that lead us to dance and enjoy even more this anual event. Usually with drums and other percussion instruments. There are already millions of artists who dedicate songs to the carnival, and if not that Celia Cruz reminds us with her song “Life is a Carnival”.

· A party at home

house party for carnaval

Yes, there is no celebration near you, because organize a carnival at your house. You can organize a carnival celebration at home with your friends. The idea is to party, so with decorations, masks, music, lots of food and drink you can make your own carnival.

· The feelings that it brings

feelings of carnival

Although sometimes these days are excessive, it always brings us joy and a lot of happiness. We get the joy of those around us and enjoy all the magic that comes with it.  · The dances and the comparsas. As well as costumes and masks are synonymous of celebration, as well as group dances. There are many months of preparation for when this time comes to give everything at the time of the great celebration.

· The dances and the group dances.


As well as costumes and masks are synonymous with carnival, as group dances also. There are many months of preparation for when this time comes to give everything at the time of the great celebration.

· Cocktail to celebrate: Caipirinha

carnival´s caipirinha

As we know, Rio de Janeiro has the biggest carnival in the world so I want to give you the recipe for a rich and refreshing Caipirinha.

You will need: A lemon divided into four parts, two tablespoons of sugar, crushed ice and two shots of Cachaça.

In a glass glass put the lemon and sugar, crushing them a little to mix the two. Then put the crushed ice and add the shots of Cachaça.

Tip: You can put lemon on the edge of the glass, so the taste of citrus is used more.

I hope that my inspiration this week will help you prepare for a carnival full of color, celebration and fun. 

I want to know how you celebrate the carnival, leave me a comment below.