The world needs love, lots of love

The world needs a lot of  love. This era of political and social crises worldwide, we are exposed to the contagion of the negativity that they bring. It is not in our hands to change the whole world, but we can change our own world.

The world needs love; a lot of love and that is what we can give. Life is not perfect: not for you, not for me, not for anyone. But the point is in how you look at it.

We can’t compare ourselves with other people, since each one has his own way to go. We can not have a point of comparison with Juan or Ana, we do not know how much they have to fight to be where they are, or suddenly have had the luck that things work better for them than to others.


The world needs love and you can give it to them

The world needs love, lots of love

With some tips that I give you, plus your own we can make this a better world, or at least a better environment. I feel that love can do everything and if there is still doubt, then do the experiment.

“Self-love is the source of all loves” -Pierre Corneille

The world needs love, lots of love

Smile at the people around you.

It does not matter if they are strangers, just smile. Because a smile can be the ray of light that someone needs. We are not aware of the battles that people might be fighting.

Listen without judging.

We all have stories and sometimes we just need to tell someone, we need to express ourselves. Off course without being judged, offended or without making gossip. It is good to get out those feelings that we have inside somehow.

Do not feed the troll.

Those people (or whatever they are) who only dedicate themselves to provoking hatred in social networks. No matter who the message is sent to, they only do that in order to draw attention and fill the inbox with hate messages. Sometimes just to get noticed. We should not feed this hatred. Those messages should go directly to the spam folder and that negative circle is cut off.

Phone your loved ones

Sometimes we overdo whatsapp messages and we forget how important a phone call is. Listening to the voice of those we love and who love us fill us with joy and motivation for themselves.

Talk with love and avoid fear.

The problems can be solved by speaking with love. Always giving a point of view, educating or helping with advice. We must speak up never with fear or on the contrary resolve a problem with anger. Remember? we are trying to give love.


Respect yourself and others.

This may be a matter of education and although it may seem very basic, it is not for everyone. Having self-love is synonymous with respect. Respect is an essential foundation to live with love and in harmony with those who share a house or are close to you. If you really need to release that negative energy, do not get angry with others.


Start with a good meditation or why not, a boxing class or something that will help you channels all that energy you feel. You cannot make feelings disappear but you can transform them into something else and without a doubt have a more productive time.