November 13, #WorldKindnessDay

Today the #WorldKindnessDay is celebrated internationally and we can all celebrate it. Small acts of kindness make us a better person, help our heart to grow and best of all we help those who need it. These tips will help you to do things with conscience and with the heart. The world needs our love and kindness. 


Not every day is good, and maybe with a small act of kindness we can brighten the day of someone who needs it.

November 13, #WorldKindnessDay

Acts of kindness that you can put into practice


  • Send a message to a friend to a family member you did not talk to long ago. You can make this person need to talk to someone.
  • Let the car in a hurry pass in front of you. This also helps us to be patient. For a few seconds we hope it will not make a difference.
  • Help an elderly person with grocery purchases. Smile to a stranger. It sounds weird but you can brighten someone’s day and suddenly start a friendship.
  • Invite someone to a cafe, talk a little and leave the routine can be positive for both.
  • Read a story to a child, I’m sure he’ll thank you.
  • Make dinner at your house with friends. Share moments with those you appreciate.
  • Make a donation to the foundation of your choice. There are many who need your help. It does not just have to be money, it can be time, ideas, volunteering.
  • Help the street artists who are in the subway, at the parks. That is how we foster culture.
  • After a celebration, such as a marriage or a birthday you can donate the flowers, food or anything left over.
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Be kind to animals, they also need it.
  • Give a visit to the home of senior citizens, that is a lonely age.
  • Listen out. Do not interrupt, sometimes we just need to be heard. Motivate someone to fulfill their dreams.

And most important: Be kind to yourself.