Cupcakes for breakfast – Weekly inspiration dose

It is almost the middle of November, we are in all the splendor of autumn and I am in a mood to explore new things. I researched a little and some studies tell us that it may be good to accompany breakfast with a cupcake. Consuming calories at breakfast time gives us enough energy to put them to use during our day-to-day activities.

I had not written the weekly dose of inspiration for a few weeks, but here I return with a lot of energy and inspiration.


Here goes my weekly dose of inspiration


  1. Cupcakes for breakfast

    Cupcakes for breakfast - Weekly inspiration dose

    As I mentioned before, a few extra calories at breakfast time will burn fast. So go ahead and eat that cupcake!


  1. ToyStory 4

    We have grown up with Woody, Buzz and all their friends. And now a quarter comes. Therefore I’m dying of the intrigue of knowing with what adventure they surprise us this time, with the love and friendship that goes to infinity and beyond.

  2. The Pokemon movie

    Now Pokemos brings us the adventures of Pikachu, this time acting as a detective. This film will be released in the summer of 2019. That´s why we will be attentive to its premiere.

  3. Cute quotes in modern calligraphy

    Cupcakes for breakfast - Weekly inspiration dose

    I always love to be looking for motivation and I find that these quotes help me. Not only because they look super cute, but also because they come loaded with cute messages.


  1. Churros with chocolate

    Cupcakes for breakfast - Weekly inspiration dose

    At every corner I see churros with chocolate, and with the change of climate is a good option. To alleviate those snacks that give us a sorisa.


  1. The magic of being Sofia

    Cupcakes for breakfast - Weekly inspiration dose

    It is the book that I am reading at this moment. I am very excited to read it, I have heard very good comments about it.


  1. Family Guy

    These cartoons are among my favorites, they make me laugh a lot and are full of recent events. It’s good to get away from reality and put humor into problems.


  1. Pumpkins

    Cupcakes for breakfast - Weekly inspiration dose

    I love pumpkins. There are countless recipes that can be made and their nutritional value is wonderful.


  1. The birthday of Mickey Mouse

    The best-known mouse in history turns 90 years old. In November 1928 he made his first appearance on Willy and the steamboat. Mickey Mouse has been my lifelong favorite. Many brands, artists, musicians and organizations have come together to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday.

  2. Bohemian Rhapsody

    In the film “Can you go a bit higher?” They pay homage to their singer Freddy Mercury. A few days after its release, it has already broken several records and even beat him in spotify the reger, being the most listened to moment.


I want to know what motivates you this week?