Starbucks arrives with something new, and it’s not a frapuccino

For a few days, I have seen the news that Starbucks comes with something new and it’s about time! Either by pressure of the numerous campaigns that have been made in favor of the planet and the environment or because they really care. Starbucks announces that by 2020 all its stores worldwide will completely eliminate the use of plastic straws.

They have created a novel cover of a plastic that is more eco-friendly or if you need to use paper straws. This tells us that in a year they can eliminate more than a trillion plastic straws.

It is said that the production of plastics in 2020 will reach 500 million tons. This is 200% more than in the 80s.

Plastic is a major problem

As a matter of fact we need to be aware that the plastic is flooding the sea and the entire planet, killing little by little what we have. As a matter tons of plastic is disposed every day worldwide. Therefore, if we encourage the use of this, the big industries will continue to produce it. Meanwhile that’s why my message is that you think before buying more plastic.

All the plastic that has been created in the world continues to exist in one form or another. In particular the use of plastic has become, unintentionally part of our day to day.

According to GreenPeace, every year garbage is collected in the sea, which is equivalent to 1200 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. For now, keep in mind that a single plastic bottle takes 500 years to decompose.

This is not a threat, it is a reality that we need to face. Future generations will not be able to enjoy a planet like the one we have had.

What can we do?

  • Prefers cloth bags and reuses those you already have
  • Use and reuse glass containers
  • Buy more local products that do not need additional packaging
  • Buy drinks in a cardboard box or glass bottle, never plastic
  • Do not use cutlery or plastic utensils if not necessary, choose bamboo or steel
  • Befriend the filter for water, instead of buying water bottles
  • Recycle whenever you can, it can be your new hobby
  • Look for products that are friendly to the environment, there are more than you can imagine
  • Avoid frozen products, always have more packaging than necessary
  • And the chewing gums … they contain plastic

These are just some tips you can follow. Although it does not look like much, it really is for our planet. If we all put a grain of sand we can prevent future damage to the planet.

Starbucks already start with their campaign, but its not the only corporation that is doing something for the environment.

Starbucks arrives with something new, and it's not a frapuccino

In conclusion having a better tomorrow is in our hands. We can not go back in time, but we can prevent further damage.