Put more hours into your day

It’s time for you to stop complaining about not having time at all. The truth is, that if you organize yourself you can take advantage of every hour of the day. As someone once said, “You have the same hours as Beyonce has in a day” so use your time.

We are all different, for some there may be more responsibilities than for others. So these are just tips that have helped me in my day to day. Tips that have helped me take advantage of every minute.

 Put more hours into your day

Put more hours into your day

Divide tasks among priority, urgent and important

All three are very different and you have to do it according to your criteria, obviously. Tasks classified as a priority mean you have to do them first. Either for time, because they bring consequences or because the postponed and is already the delivery time.
Do not procrastinate! 🙂 Urgency has to do more with time. If we have to do a task and we do not have much time, you will classify it as urgent. The important thing is when the specific task has a consequence. It usually does not have a deadline, but it does take time to complete it.

Use tools to optimize your time

In these digital times, we can do everything through apps that help us organize our time. Send an email or review social networks, it may be easier. There are many tasks that are secondary in the day and sometimes we invest more of the necessary time.

No, it is also an answer

We do not always have to accept invitations and commitments. If we feel it as an obligation it is better to say thank you, but on another occasion. Ask yourself if this brings you any social or family value. Just like Jim Carrey in Yes Man we ended up going crazy with so much saying yes.

Let others help you

You can not be superman or superwoman. Ask for help with what you can not do. Involve other people in your projects. Do not exhaust yourself, or wear yourself out. The idea of ​​all this is that you enjoy things and take advantage of time. Search within your contacts and social circle people who have the knowledge so they can do it.

 Put more hours into your day

Being perfect does not make you cool

By perfecting it all, you end up losing a lot of time and obstructing tasks. Do things well and be productive in your activities. Let things flow and find their way. Lets get real, nobody in this world can be perfect. 

Take time, for free time

Yeah! Free time is also important. When you concentrate a lot on your work or on a specific activity, you need to let the brain do its work. This is achieved by distracting yourself in other activities. You can find a hobby or just have spare time for yourself. 

Prepare the previous night the next day

Sometimes you do not see it important, but it will save you time in the morning. It does not take more than 15 minutes to plan what you have to do. If you know what you have to do, it is easier to get things done. 

Food is your energy

What you eat is what gives you energy. You can add supplements to your meals to have the necessary nutrients and vitamins. If you eat properly, it will not make you sleepy during the day and you will undoubtedly be more productive. Sometimes we forget about this part, and for me it is very important. 

Do not forget the H20

Just as eating well is important, staying hydrated is very important. Many times when you feel tired it is because you are really dehydrated. Coffee does not do the same thing. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day. The body is made mostly out of water. Some people say you need 2 to 3 liters of water a day. 

“You have the same hours as Beyonce has in a day”

Being more productive is a process, and everything takes time. It is not done overnight. But it starts somewhere. Put into practice these tips or those that you consider necessary to make your day more productive.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.