#worldfoodday an action against global hunger

World food day is celebrated every year on October 16, since 1945 the United Nations created the food and agriculture organization (Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO). This organization consists of members from 45 different countries fighting against global hunger.

It is a call to take action against world hunger, which is believed that if the right measures are taken by the year 2030 it is possible that this problem has disappeared. #ZeroHunger


We all want to help but we do not know where to start, and it’s easier than it seems. The united nations give us some tips that we can all put into practice and thus help to end the problem.

      1. Not to the waste of food.

        If for some reason there was food left over, do not throw it away. Save it for later, freeze it for another day, or use it as an ingredient to cook another dish. Check the expiration or expiration dates and first use the dates that are about to expire. Similarly, if you are in a restaurant ask to be packed what was left to carry.

      2. Produce less quantity.

        Many of the restaurants produce large quantities of food and only sell a part of it, wasting large quantities not only of food, but also of money. The same at home, if you are going to cook for one or two, do not do more. Many times this extra food ends up in the trash. Buy intelligently.

      3. Local products are the most wasted.

        By buying local producers you are helping quality food reach the right tables. Industrial productions are destroying these local productions. Buy also only what is necessary, you will not want to throw away not only food but also money to waste.

      4. As simple as sharing with the one who needs it.

        You can help in different ways. There are organizations specialized in helping this specific problem. As well as you can help the people who need it locally, donating food, time or money to eliminate world hunger.

    This are simple tips, but if they are practiced with constancy the results will be seen. As the statistics say in 2030 there will no longer be problems of world hunger.