The unofficial tradition of celebrating Christmas in July

Half of this wonderful 2018 has already passed. How are those resolutions you started this year? You’re still on time, do not worry.

Today Im here to talk to you about an unofficial ” tradition”, which some are implementing in their festivities: to celebrate Christmas in July.

Nevertheless it is something relatively new for us. But in some parts of the world they celebrate it for some years now.

I think we do not have to hurry to the festivities, if we’re not going to end up having Christmas in February. Everything needs to be on its own time.

For example for me, Christmas is a time to be with family, dress the house with decorations, good feelings and intentions, and help those who need it. At some time in my life it was seeing the snow through the window and having a big dinner before the gifts.

What is this Christmas in July?

• When I researched a bit about it, I found that this title is taken by a film written and directed by Preston Sturges from the year 1940. The story goes something like this: Betty and Jimmy, a young couple who want to get married. But Jimmy does not want to, before he has an economic stability. Jimmy’s friends joke with him that he has won a huge prize of $ 25,000. The innocent Jimmy believes the story and well, not only buys Betty a ring, but also believes he is a millionaire. But if you want to see the movie I do not want to be a spoiler.

• In Australia, they have been celebrating it for years. They take advantage of this winter time in that hemisphere of the planet. They do parties imitating Christmas and even put decorations. Some start celebrating from July 12th, but the big celebration is July 25th.
Just like traditional Christmas.

• Some brands have the famous mid-year sales, where they mark down everything. Many take the opportunity to start early Christmas shopping. I think it’s part of a marketing strategy.

Honestly, I think that this Christmas in July can be a nice option to remember that we have good feelings. Good people exist and that not only at Christmas is the time to show it, do not you think?

What you can do…

Volunteer in a nursing home
Cooking for children who do not have to eat
Make a donation to a foundation that is to your liking
Help a day in the kennel of your city
Visit your grandparents
Make a special dinner with your friends that you do not see long ago
Help your nephew with math homework

What do you think you can do to fill your heart with good feelings?

Anyways, it does not need to be Christmas, we can have good intentions 365 days a year.

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