The cereals of a lifetime are still part of our breakfast

At this precise moment there are more than 350 million people who have had breakfast or are eating cereal. The breakfast is ideal to consume cereals. First of all, the nutrients that are not consumed at breakfast are difficult to acquire during the rest of the day. For this reason, consuming breakfast cereals is an ideal opportunity to complement balanced and healthy nutrition.

Since I was little, cereals have existed in my life. I remember growing up with Tony the Tigre from the box of Frosted flakes, Elvin the Chococrispis elephant and the Lucky Charms dwarf. It is a fast and delicious solution for breakfast, which gives us an excellent nutritional value.

Let’s learn a bit about its history

The cereals have been consumed for more than 100 years. That also teaches us a successful case of entrepreneurship. This is the story of the Kellog brothers. John Harvey Kellogg, one of the most famous doctors in the United States and his younger brother Will Keith Kellogg created the company Kellogg’s in 1890.

However, his idea was to create a healthy meal. Easy to eat for people with health and eating problems. They created crunchy flakes of wheat, corn and rice. Leaving them in the sun and then passing them through the oven.

From this product they started making derivatives with the same nutritional values. At first the product was created for the elderly and babies that were not able to chew. As a result, today it is a food for everyone.  Although over the years, the processes through which the cereals precesses have changed to reach us.

Seems like they have added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors. Even so, they are still rich in vitamins and nutrients that the body needs.

In my opinion the cereals are very complete. Because if they are mix with the right ingredients are an excellent complement for a breakfast or a mid-morning snack.  Every time I put a bowl of cereal I transported myself years ago, savoring breakfast cereals and drinking every last drop of milk.

Therefore you can create a variety of recipes apart from the classic cereals combined with milk or yogurt, here I share three of my favorite recipes with you.

The cereals of a lifetime are still part of our breakfast

1. The cereal “on the go”

Sometimes I leave the house and I do not have time to have breakfast, so in a tupper or easy-to-carry container, I put a small amount of corn flakes, some fruits such as strawberries and blueberries … and that’s it. It is ideal to take to the office or to eat after the gym. The milk or yogurt is added at the time of eating.

2. The Greek

For this I use a cup of Greek yogurt (without sugar), a cup of muesli, honey and nuts to taste. It is super simple and it really is very good to complement the breakfast.

3. The tropical

This is more than easy, you just need the right ingredients. A cup of corn flakes, dehydrated pineapple slices, nuts to taste, milk and a touch of cinnamon powder.

The cereals of a lifetime are still part of our breakfast

Finally, I think that cereals are always going to be a fun meal. We can combine them with an infinite number of ingredients and create our own recipes.